Our Ambassador

Former NRL coach and player, Anthony Seibold, has joined forces with Readiness as an Ambassador to highlight the need for greater awareness and education around mental health in businesses and schools.

Anthony’s passion for education around mental health was ignited during the 2020 NRL season, where he experienced severe online trolling.

“The toll of the constant online abuse I faced last year was debilitating, not just for me but also for my family. I had some really dark days,” Anthony told Christi Malthouse recently in an episode of Be Readi.

“This is why I am working with Readiness to to encourage all Australians to be proactive when it comes to their mental health, and to prioritise education around holistic wellbeing, whether that be at home, in the workplace or at school.”

As a father of three with an extensive career in education, Anthony is also particularly passionate about encouraging schools to use programs like Readiness to educate students about building resilience and maintaining their mental and physical health throughout their life.

You can watch Anthony’s full Be Readi interview here.