Readiness for Business is an online platform to measure and manage workplace wellbeing.

The holistic wellbeing software which surveys employees, collates insights and provides tailored resources

Key Platform Features

Weekly Individual Surveys
Live Individual & Organisation Dashboards
Curated Resources
Contact & Support

Our Wellbeing Model

We capture the components that comprise workplace wellbeing from over 40 workplace and individual factors.

Our unique algorithm developed in partnership with Swinburne University, calculates a wellbeing score which can be viewed at individual, department or organisation level.

Our AI then pulls resources from our content partners to both optimise current performance and further develop vulnerabilities through learning and development.  

Expert Partners. Best in class Resources.

Providing an end to end solution with a network of industry partners who are experts in their field to deliver face to face sessions, workshops and additional professional services as required.

Driving performance outcomes

Increasing Employee Productivity

Reducing Turnover

Increasing Customer Retention

Mitigating organisational vulnerabilities

$24k &
15 wks off

Average mental health compensation claim 


Paid in workers comp p/a for mental health issues


Untreated mental health conditions cost p/a

6-9 months

Typical salary cost to replace a worker. 

Our Technology is built for today’s organisations.

Our development philosophy is to design and build in collaboration with our customers, research partners and industry experts to ensure we continue to provide the best outcomes for both business and users.

Data Made Actionable

Individual and organisational dashboards 

Designed to be tailored

Surveys and focus topics customisable

Privacy First

Password protected and AWS secure. 

Ever Evolving

A committed team of wellbeing experts ever updating resources and user experiences. 

Infinitely available

Available on Desktop & mobile

Built for individuals

Resources comprising of readings, podcasts, videos and links all powered by AI

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