Our Partners

We don’t have all of the answers, so we have partnered with a number of organisations that can help us deliver you with the best mental health and wellbeing support.

Key Partner

Swinburne University – Centre For Mental Health

An ambitious research partnership has recently been signed with Swinburne University and their world-leading Centre for Mental Health.

 Readiness has been working with Swinburne University throughout to ensure the project has a sound scientific basis. The outcomes of this partnership will have long-lasting benefits for the mental health and wellbeing of the users and the wider population.

Swinburne’s Centre for Mental Health is an internationally recognised research centre, committed to understanding and managing serious mental disorders. The Centre’s outputs are the primary contributor to Swinburne University’s ranking of Well Above World Standard in Psychology and Neuroscience (ARC 2018).

Digital technology and mental health data science are key foci, and ongoing projects include telehealth delivery, predictive analytics and the use of chatbots and virtual reality to improve client experience. The Centre manages Mental Health Online, a federally-funded online psychology clinic and is an active member of multiple national and international research networks.

Business Partners


Some of our current clients include: