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Reduce health risks and improve mental health and wellbeing at your business or school.

Readiness is a scientifically-backed online platform helping businesses and schools support the mental
health and physical wellbeing of employees, teachers and students.

How does Readiness Work?


Business Owner or HR Leader?

Recent changes to the nature of work, the working environment and people’s workload are having a major impact on Australian’s mental health.

As a result, more businesses are prioritising their employees’ health and wellbeing with Readiness.


Are you a Principal or Leading Teacher?

The rate of psychological distress amongst young Australians is rising as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers also continue to feel the impact of changes to their work environment.

Readiness offers a comprehensive and affordable solution to help your cohort build a solid mental health and physical wellbeing foundation for life.

Readiness follows four key steps

1. Assess

Regular, quick self-assessments are completed by users online to help you monitor the mental health and physical wellbeing of your cohort.

2. Identify

Based on the individual results generated in the assessments, Readiness identifies those at risk of mental health and wellbeing issues.

3. Feedback

Tailored educational resources are provided to improve self-directed learning in growth areas identified via the self-assessment.

4. Help

If Readiness identifies users who would benefit from additional support, we provide referrals to local, relevant professional practitioners.

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With Readiness you have a scientifically-backed platform to manage wellbeing proactively for your business or school.

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